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Ducked Tape IPod Touch Case

Ducktivity provided by haileybearr:)

Looking for an awesome, stylish case for your Ipod? Stupid store-bought ones just getting too expensive? Well, This is THE solution!! Cheap, and you can personalize and design it yourself! Please let me know if you'd like instructions! I would be glad to give you some :)

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  • Cassijae17 about 49 months ago
    i want the directions

  • ducttapeluva11 about 50 months ago
    OMG... can u please share directions how to do this!?

  • cutebunny1532 about 50 months ago
    give me the instructions please!

  • kit_kat_22 about 52 months ago
    wow i havent seen cases like this!

  • LuckyDuckie9 about 54 months ago
    COOL!!! but dosent the touch screen work by warmth or something?!!? why did you put plastic over the screen?

  • zebrakiss12 about 54 months ago
    Awwwww..... kelsey thanks for letting me be your inspiration! :)

  • kelseytape about 54 months ago
    zebrakiss, i know how u feel... i made a headband, (it was my first creation) they all said that my stuff sucks and now i feel like i shouldnt post any more of mmy stuff on ducktivities... but im with u on getting peeps to stop saying bad stuff about our creations...lol :(

  • duckygirl17 about 55 months ago
    i agree with haileybearr:) its mean to brodcast a rude opinion about her abby_g to the world lets all just be nice and enjoy the awsomeness of duct tape :-)

  • kussco about 55 months ago
    Cool! Let me know how to make.

  • zebrakiss12 about 55 months ago
    Everyone on "duckbrand.com" I repeat EVERYONE, I think we should stop throwing..... CRAP (sorry for my language!) out there for everyone to read, I know I've done that a couple times and I apologize, but..... if you don't mean it, don't say it! (Ex: "You're creation stinks!", "I could make that better!", "This to horrible to sell... so don't even try!", etc.)

  • zebrakiss12 about 55 months ago
    OMG! I am sooooo sorry blondie I was on your profile and I typed something! All I said was "It doesn't have to be 100% duct tape" not anything mean so don't worry. :Z

  • dtgeek3 about 55 months ago
    Very pretty. Sorry again.

  • blondiewhit1 about 55 months ago
    Cooooool. I've been talked about! U rock zebrakiss12!!! moo. hehehe lol

  • zebrakiss12 about 55 months ago
    How do you submit Ducktivity's? Please answer.

  • Abby_G about 55 months ago
    zebrakiss12, i agree 100% with you! hailey is rude to a lot of people. We should all enjoy each other's creations.

  • zebrakiss12 about 55 months ago
    Okay, Hailey, these are very cool, believe me they are, but I've been seeing you posting not so nice things about other people's duck tape creations, like saying abby_g's shouldn't sell her creations. Well my friend blondiewhit1 told you that abby should sell her stuff because they're amazing! Well all I need to say now is... stop being rude about people's creation's! I hope everyone agrees with me, thank you!

  • livieloo about 57 months ago
    This is easy to make. I tried it and it took me about 10 min. but it not perfect..but it looks good for my first try! My dad likes the idea that it was cheap and easy to have. The plastic isn't a great screen protector and when you use it it scratches and tears. Overall I will give it a 4, on my good side.

  • Oliviamag about 57 months ago
    thats cool and easy to make:)

  • noahliz about 57 months ago
    hey! awesome! :)

  • samirashbaum about 58 months ago
    those are soooooooo good!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:) pleaseeeeeeeeeee tell me how to make it!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • ADude123 about 58 months ago
    Can u plz give us instructions

  • ADude123 about 58 months ago
    PPLLEEAASSEE Give us instructions

  • hubbabubba111 about 58 months ago

  • haileyandmayzie about 58 months ago
    hey i was looking through ductivities and found this! i make duct tape ipod touch cases also and guess what?? my name is hailey too! i never see anyone with hailey spelled the same way as mine! that is so cool!

  • spongeforgood1 about 58 months ago
    super cool but post the directions please!

  • katelynn102595 about 58 months ago
    cool! instructions please?

  • frappkid14 about 58 months ago

  • AMC about 58 months ago
    kool, now how do u make it