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Duct Tape Chocolate Chip Cookie

Ducktivity provided by dancergurl1399

This cute and adorable chocolate chip cookie is so easy and fun to make! Please rate stars and comment! :)

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  • crazy4jesus about 19 months ago
    its cute but where are the instructions?????????????????????????? try 2 make duct tape milk 2 go along with it!!!

  • <3ducktape4life about 42 months ago
    soooo cute!! please give me instructions!!! thanks :)

  • deerboy2010 about 45 months ago
    Where is the milk! LOL!

  • dtluvr about 45 months ago
    This idea looks strange but cool.

  • lulu36 about 45 months ago
    OMG! These r soooooo cute! they look good enough to eat! YUM!

  • sawlvrocks about 45 months ago
    awesome. i'll defently try this.

  • dancergurl1399 about 45 months ago
    Thank you everyone for voting my Chocolate Chip Cookies 5 STARS ! :D

  • duck ninja about 45 months ago

  • yomama about 45 months ago
    how did u do it