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Duct Tape Doll Dresses

Ducktivity provided by char121800

these duct tape dresses fit most "18" dolls and are very easy to make1. pick out 1 or 2 colors of duct tape2.cut strips of duct tape that could fit around your dolls body3.layer your duct tape as if you are making a wallet (if you are making a dress for "18" dolls i suggest using 5 strips.)4.wrap it around your dolls body to see how it fits if it doesn't fit add 1 more strip of tape.5. decorate with bows,trims,belts,pockets,etc. thanks bye!

Skill Level: 


Approximate Crafting Time: 


Supplies and Tools:

  • duck tape
  • mesuring stick/ruler
  • "18" doll


  • ducky77 about 40 months ago

  • ducky77 about 40 months ago

  • nataliya about 48 months ago
    i love it i love the black and white striped the best!!! LOL they r all cute!

  • char121800 about 48 months ago
    thanks :)

  • bieberfan4life about 48 months ago
    love it!it was pretty easy.i made it for my american girl doll

  • lilyclaire32702 about 48 months ago
    cute love it