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Duct Tape Poison Dart Frog

Ducktivity provided by the duck tape dude

made a duct tape frog

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  • trishfirecracker about 15 months ago

  • muffins24 about 49 months ago
    Poison dart frog made out of duct tpe is soooo coooolllllllio!!!

  • Nerdygirl98 about 50 months ago
    Whoa. Dude you have way too much time your hands cause that thing is freakin aweomse! Please post instructions that looks really fun to make and i need more ideas for my website. Check it out : www.taystapeinc.wordpress.com

  • LeAnne33101 about 50 months ago
    luckyduckie9 you need to chill i thought you were awesome but i guess your not!!! luckyduckie9 you need to shut you need to be supporting people THAT FROG IS SO CUTE PLEASE ADD INSTRUCTIONS!!!!!!!=)=)=)=)=)=)=)=)

  • rallarooo:) about 50 months ago
    im in love with frogs i made a clay one! can you add some instructions plzz +thank-u

  • dtluvr about 52 months ago
    luckyduckie9, just because you dont like something, doesnt mean you have to say something negative

  • LuckyDuckie9 about 52 months ago
    you think thats cool??? i made a 100% duct tape, hammock!!!

  • iheartducktape! about 52 months ago
    Thats so cool! is it all duck tape? add instructions plz. thx!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • CowCow59 about 52 months ago

  • Emily and Liz about 52 months ago
    OMG!!!!!!!!!!! That is Amazing awesome fantastic!!!! You have to teach us how to make that!

  • Uber Izzy about 52 months ago
    How do you make that! it's awesome!

  • ducktapedude7 about 53 months ago
    that is the coolest thing i ever saw of ducktape

  • NeonChicka about 53 months ago
    I love it! That is so cool!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • lulu36 about 53 months ago
    Is that completely out of duck tape or is there something under it? So cool!

  • abbyrox about 53 months ago
    that is SICK!!!!!!!!!!!!! so kewl! pleeeeeeeeez add instructions. pweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeez pwetty pweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeez ill be your best friend

  • sohw about 53 months ago
    soo coooool hooow doooo yoooou maaake it !!!!!!!!!!!!

  • pielord about 53 months ago
    it so cool

  • peaceloveducttape about 53 months ago
    WoW!!!!!! thats awesome!very impressive!

  • purpleduchess44 about 53 months ago
    thats cool

  • Peanutlovesducttape about 54 months ago
    Teach us how to make that!!! I love it. wish i had one

  • kiwifruit16 about 54 months ago
    luv the tongue! and the blue

  • luckyduck07 about 54 months ago
    So cool!!! I like the spots on it!! Can you add instructions?? Thnx!

  • ducttapeduckyrcw0801 about 54 months ago
    That's so cool! How did you do that?

  • dillion about 54 months ago

  • kiwifruit16 about 54 months ago