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Faithe and Lydias Crafts of Duct Tape

Ducktivity provided by houldson

we have 2 phone covers,2 wallets.2 roses,and 1 hairbow

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  • DuckyCrafts about 17 months ago

  • 888grace888 about 50 months ago
    HOw do you make the wallets? Can you post directions?

  • harleyglenn about 50 months ago
    I love it

  • 888grace888 about 50 months ago
    I love the phone cases I made one for my friend and one for me. THen i made a gum pouch. Now basicly my whole bag is filled with duck tape. I even keep the actual tape in my bag

  • rosedoodle about 50 months ago
    thats a lot of stuff; ]

  • michi13 about 50 months ago
    really cool i love your'e hairbow's.=)