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Fluer de Lis IPod Touch Case

Ducktivity provided by haileybearr:)

These are just another duct tape craft of mine. They're great for keeping your Ipod protected. If you want more ideas, visit my website www.theducktapery.weebly.comthanks, and happy duck-taping! :)

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  • haileybearr:) about 32 months ago
    ductlover,I didn't know duckbrand called this tape baroque when I named it. The name sort of stuck though (lol-duck tape sticks! That was corny...). Anyways, thanks for the nice comments everyone!(:

  • ductlover about 32 months ago
    That's not fluer de lis duct tape trust me I would know I live in new Orleans

  • Ducttaperox about 36 months ago
    awesome :D

  • volleyballgirl06 about 37 months ago
    Thanks for letting me know where to get it

  • theducktapery about 37 months ago
    This is freaking awesome! I named my profile after you cause I LOVED your items! I <3 the DUCKtapery! :)

  • sillyjilly2000 about 37 months ago
    how do you make it?

  • kiwifruit16 about 37 months ago
    i know i am not ther person that you were asking but i get that duct tape at target!

  • JusDucki about 38 months ago
    Great Pattern!

  • juswakiforduckbrand about 38 months ago
    And i thought i had all the designs of tape....this is Awesome! Beautiful Work!

  • haileybearr:) about 38 months ago
    You can get fluer de lis duck tape at target. It has a flap to keep it closed, but you cant see it in this picture

  • volleyballgirl06 about 38 months ago
    srry didnt mean to comment twice my comptuer locked up so i thought it didnt go through

  • volleyballgirl06 about 38 months ago
    where did u get the fluer de lis duct tape

  • volleyballgirl06 about 38 months ago
    Where did you get the fleur de lis duct tape?

  • kiwifruit16 about 38 months ago
    cool! but how does it not fall out? but i luv it! i use colors like that alot!