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Ipod Case

Ducktivity provided by 13karley13

it is a case that you put on the wall and when you go to school you can grab it before you leave

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  • rainbow2000 about 16 days ago

  • sonam about 16 days ago

  • trishfirecracker about a month ago
    clean lines great job.

  • betty.waldeck.10 about a month ago
    i do just love that it looks kind of like a clutch

  • nikki254 about 3 months ago
    That neat

  • purpleemma about 3 months ago
    Just make a really long duct tape sheet any size u want, make the top part not double sided and stick it to ur wall

  • katlover6671 about 14 months ago
    Instructions please?

  • splattertheducktape about 33 months ago
    uummmmm I don't know how to make it 'cause you didnt leave directions please write some I want to know how to make it!

  • gracemitchy about 38 months ago
    Wish you would put up instructions!

  • soccersurf13 about 40 months ago
    So Useful!! Can you post diections

  • 13karley13 about 41 months ago
    thats really cool i love it i think you should give more info