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Ipod Shuffle Cases

Ducktivity provided by haileybearr:)

I kept loosing my shuffle so I created these loud and "flashy" cases so I could always spot where it was. These are really easy to make and I hope you like them!If you want more ideas, visit my website www.theducktapery.weebly.comThanks, and happy duck-taping! :)

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  • duckluvr44795 about 27 months ago
    Love it! Thanks, I just made one, but without the envelope part.

  • mdorr23 about 50 months ago
    Awsome Idea!:)

  • LlamaUnicornFaries about 55 months ago
    Great Idea!!!! you r so smart u r a G9

  • kiwifruit16 about 56 months ago
    Awww! Those are soooo cute!