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Ipod Touch Duct Tape Case

Ducktivity provided by Abby_G

These cases protect your ipod from getting scratched while it is in your purse or backpack. I have made 3 different styles of cases. Now all of my friends are asking me to make them one. They love them. You can see more samples on my website www.dtabby.webs.com.

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  • duckylove12 about 50 months ago
    can u show us how to make this

  • ducktapeluver9860 about 50 months ago
    can you tell me how t make this?

  • xorawr about 56 months ago
    AHH this is simply amazing[:

  • kussco about 56 months ago
    hey, can you let me know how to make? thanks.

  • ducttapegirl99 about 56 months ago
    I LOVE IT! How do you make it>>?

  • blondiewhit1 about 56 months ago
    Hey I'm with ya Skippy;]! My friend would like it for her's though...

  • Skippy;] about 57 months ago
    I think these look really cute, if only I had an ipod touch.

  • kt4500 about 57 months ago
    This is so cool you show show instructions on how to make it i will try to make it on my own tho :)

  • mccourt9 about 57 months ago
    Will You Please Tell Me How To Make This! :)

  • blondiewhit1 about 57 months ago
    THese are awesome. Plz give me the directions!

  • turfgrass about 57 months ago
    awesome i want to try and make one

  • williamhhdowd about 57 months ago
    person! AWESOME tell me how to make one :) pls

  • goosetape2012 about 57 months ago
    I made one that u can put on your belt or just keep it from getting scratched

  • erin2041 about 57 months ago
    CUTE!!!!! it really helped my iPod from getting scratched