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Jewelry Stand

Ducktivity provided by hermione456456

I made this out of cardboard tubes and a cd disc for the bottom. I decorated it with gold duck tape. I do put bracelets on it but i couldn't figure out how to put two pictures.

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  • Ricky Martin fan about 26 months ago
    I don't have a hamster any more she died 3 days ago :(

  • ducktapestar123 about 27 months ago

  • Ricky Martin fan about 27 months ago
    I do know u!

  • CraftingwithCatie about 27 months ago
    I love this I've seen it before but never thought of making it, but I think I might make it sometime soon...Well thanks for your help ~Catie

  • Sc crafts about 28 months ago
    Duudde pit the introductions and Ricky Martian fan do i know u? Think about penny my best friend is pixie. You only have a hamster i have a dog a cat 2 hamsters and a snapping turtle who am I

  • Ricky Martin fan about 28 months ago
    really cute!