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Ducktivity provided by ducttape4ever

It's just... a pillow, i guess... i kinda put a lowercase letter, if you look real closely. The rose in the upper right corner smelles really good.

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  • ducktapelover999 about 13 months ago
    so i dont really know what u did because u didnt do directions but some people just cover a pillow in duck tape which is stupid but what i do is i make 2 duck tape sheets that are as long and wide as my pillow then i seal the sides and the bottom and there a duct tape pillow case and u can seal the sides if u want but i mean u could never wash the pillow and i know u could just peel the strip of the top and take the pillow out but come on!

  • iriemater about 18 months ago
    o m gosh,its awsome but put directions please!!!!!!!

  • duckdesigns about 36 months ago
    what!?!the rose smells good!

  • ductluver669 about 37 months ago
    omg how did u make a pillow idk how cuz i have no clue wat to put for stuffing its so cool:0)