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rainbow trout/koi fish hanging

Ducktivity provided by cathymelvin

i started out wanting to make a KOI fish..but my fish, turned out to be a monster! lol! but a really pretty monster!

Skill Level: 

Approximate Crafting Time: 


Supplies and Tools:

  • 2 rolls any kind tape
  • jewels for eyes
  • or flowers
  • decorative packing tape
  • ribbon
  • for colorful fins.
  • round sticky back velcro..
  • string for hanging craft


  • Step 1

    take about 6 strips, 17 inch of ducktape, any color. take thin strips of preferred color and cover the ridges the tape makes during layering. when done, peel from cutting mat..and apply decorative packing tape, duck makes it too..(yay!)
    Set aside when done, start another 6 strips, 17 inches of ducktape and repeat above steps.

  • Step 2

    i wound up using two types of packing tape for the sticky side..you don't have to...this is for the inside of fish..
    after covering sticky back..take the sheets and cut them into ovals..i just winged it..get creative..;) this what i came up with. take both pieces..and tape them together..closing the bottom. if you have to..cut the bottom at one end of oval to make a point..both of them..this will be your tail of the fish. lots of trial and error..get creative with it! ;)

  • Step 3

    take second roll of ducktape..this is for the fins..make 3 strip..6 inches long. decorate the fins..then flip over and use either packing or regular duck to cover back..when done..cut shape of fin and adhere fins to bottom of fish..or where ever you want it..

  • Step 4

    i don't have a picture for the fins on the back and tail..but i took clear decorative packing tape and about 4 strips of ribbon and i layered the ribbon on the tape..till i got the look i wanted. then i took another piece of packing tape and covered the sticky tape and ribbon. press firmly to get rid of bubbles. then i halfed the piece and shaped it in the form of a tail. i then took duck tape and adhered the fins to the tail. repeating above steps..withholding cutting in half. this will be the sail..(fin on the back) tape both bottom of creation to top of fish back. add eyes, velcro dot inside mouth to shut it. hope you come up with a more delicate creature than i did..;)