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Rubix Cube

Ducktivity provided by barbiegirl

It doesn't work like a real one but it look likes a real one. That counts right?

Skill Level: 


Approximate Crafting Time: 


Supplies and Tools:

  • exacto knife
  • cutting board
  • duck tape(black)
  • duck tape (red)
  • duck tape (yellow)
  • duck tape (white)
  • duck tape (green)
  • duck tape (navy blue)
  • duck tape (orange)
  • ruler


  • Rasha11 about 20 months ago
    This is cool!

  • lucasvrosa about 21 months ago

  • barbiegirl about 21 months ago
    if you would like to know how to make this please email me at barbiegirl.bf@gmail.com, when i tried to go from the first page of submitting a ducttivity to the second page it wouldn't let me. Sorry and when you email i will email as soon as i can.