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Scouts founder BP portrait

Ducktivity provided by tdeanw@hotmail.com

So, I was thinking -- what could I make with Duck Tape next... how about a 4 foot x 3 foot portrait of Boy Scouts founder Baden Powell? I first drew the portrait onto a large board, then used over 30 different colors of Duck Tape in a variety of sizes to simulate brush strokes. It DID take quite a while... but I stretched it out over several months.

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  • dennelau000 about 26 months ago
    that is so cool! it looks like a painting!

  • QuackArt about 27 months ago
    I would LOVE to see an up close clear pic of it to see the details!!! It's too blurry.

  • Nlandals about 27 months ago
    This is awesome!

  • alechrnol about 28 months ago
    WOW that is just amazing

  • trampolinekid2000 about 29 months ago