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Dew bead rose with wire stem

Ducktivity provided by cathymelvin

wanted to make a realistic rose..and it came out really good. this is what you do..1. select either a medium to small, round bead or styra foam. make a hole on bottom 4 stem.2. take large stick on jewel or you can have nonstick and have glue dots. place in center of sphere.3. take any color duck tape and start cutting your leaves. shape them in the form of a petal, slightly rounded.4. place the petals around the jem.5. take a piece of slightly thick bendable wire.bend in half. cover w/green tape. insert into rose.6. add tiny sticky jewels for dew. add leaves on stem

Skill Level: 


Approximate Crafting Time: 


Supplies and Tools:

  • med size bead or round object
  • wire- about 12 inches or so
  • color tape-3 colors
  • green
  • ect
  • tiny stick on bling..for dew.
  • large bejeweled bead
  • sticky

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