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Duck Duct Tape Sculpture

Ducktivity provided by supershanimal

I made a Flying pig, but you can make whatever you want!

Skill Level: 


Approximate Crafting Time: 


Supplies and Tools:

  • Newspaper and/or Foil
  • Normal Tape (opt.)
  • Duck Duct Tape
  • Wire (opt.)


  • Step 1

    Crumple up/shape newspaper, foil, or wire (if you want a flat shape like wings) into simple shapes that make up your figure. Hold together with normal (don't want to waste your Duck!) tape if you want.

  • Step 2

    Cover each shape with duct tape, and make it as smooth as possible.

  • Step 3

    Tape each part together, still as smooth as possible.

  • Step 4

    Go over the areas where parts meet, to make it look solid.


  • Ilovegod about 18 months ago

  • dahlinminers about 26 months ago
    It's the flying hippo from Age of Mythology II cheat (Wuv Woo)!!!!! YESSS!!

  • duckmaniaava about 26 months ago
    thats really good!!!

  • TheDuctTapeQueen832 about 28 months ago
    Don't be so mean! No one is perfect at ducking, and I think what matters most is that you try, and you have fun doing it! No matter what anyone else says, if you enjoy it, don't stop!

  • chocolate about 31 months ago