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Duck Tape® Decorative Pillow

Ducktivity provided by Duck® Brand

Don’t throw away an old or torn pillow - make it new again with Duck Tape®! Just follow these instructions and you can transform used into reused. 

Skill Level: 


Approximate Crafting Time: 


Supplies and Tools:

  • Duck Tape®
  • Pillow
  • Pen
  • Scissors
  • Craft knife
  • Crafting board


  • Step 1

    Cover your pillow with Duck Tape®, making sure the tear in your pillow is completely covered. Set this aside.

  • Step 2

    Draw the shape of your petal on a piece of card stock.

  • Step 3

    Cut your petal out. This will be your stencil.

  • Step 4

    Lay down a strip of Duck Tape® on your crafting board and trace your stencil until you have enough to make your flower.

  • Step 5

    Cut out your petals

  • Step 6

    Trace a circle for the center of your flower on a piece of Duck Tape®.

  • Step 7

    Cut out your circle.

  • Step 8

    Begin placing your petals and circle on your pillow to create your design.

  • Step 9

    Continue steps 4-8 with different colors.


  • ehaist2 about 8 hours ago
    Great idea for saving old pillows and adding a decorative touch!

  • hperttula about 4 days ago
    super cute!

  • citlaly45 about 4 days ago

  • DuckyCrafts about 6 days ago
    I am going to try this :)

  • cmlef_ about 8 days ago

  • summer_boy225 about 9 days ago

  • annabella112201 about 14 days ago
    Amazing and Green Saving the planet from trash

  • jedychase about 25 days ago
    tots amaze!!!!!!!! ;0

  • brenda307 about 27 days ago
    great idea

  • pufflover12 about 29 days ago

  • alicat110903 about a month ago
    wow i love this pillow

  • DT14 about a month ago

  • destiny13_2000 about a month ago
    i love this i tried this ductivity and everyone absolutly loves it!!!!!!!

  • animagus731 about a month ago

  • Bklin about a month ago
    It looks awesome, but, is it usable? I don't really think I would make it if it wasn't usable.

  • susan.johnson.779857 about a month ago
    Luv this

  • theduckielovie about a month ago
    i am tottaly going to do this

  • Ductgirly1 about a month ago
    so pretty

  • MyDuckTapeAdiction about a month ago

  • amandad36 about a month ago

  • coveredwagon about a month ago

  • lori.gazaille about a month ago
    This is great and inexpensive way to update the look of a room with the season.

  • ecassagne about a month ago
    very cute!

  • 8001137 about a month ago
    cute but uncomferetabe

  • GUMMYBEAR about a month ago

  • essou about 2 months ago
    Ducktape pillow.?????

  • ricardo.aguirrecalzada about 2 months ago
    does not look usable

  • birdieby2 about 2 months ago
    doesnt look very comfortable

  • musiccrazy247 about 2 months ago
    so pretty!!

  • emmaskate4 about 2 months ago

  • Ducktapeheroes01 about 2 months ago

  • DTL about 2 months ago
    one of these will be in my room... in galaxy print

  • Rasha11 about 2 months ago

  • jackes2014 about 2 months ago

  • craftykayla about 2 months ago
    looks great for the summer

  • mperial1 about 2 months ago

  • JBailey5 about 2 months ago
    looks great for outdoors!

  • sboothebrand1973 about 2 months ago
    cool but I don't think it would be useable

  • fanJules about 2 months ago
    very nice

  • djfields about 2 months ago

  • Adrii718 about 3 months ago

  • cburnside21 about 3 months ago
    super cute, must make now!

  • crystal.mills.5437 about 3 months ago
    awesome Decorative idea. plus it would be easy to keep clean

  • Erin Morris about 3 months ago

  • jasperjo.hoag about 3 months ago

  • lee.newport.129 about 3 months ago

  • Cheesefry about 3 months ago
    like it but wont it be to hard or something

  • soni about 3 months ago

  • sonam about 3 months ago

  • manon.dumay.716 about 3 months ago
    Not too bad

  • peezie721 about 3 months ago
    so cute

  • REDSOX1985 about 3 months ago
    COOL IDEA !!

  • zoee.jones.167 about 3 months ago

  • sfora71 about 3 months ago
    I can't imagine that this would be comfortable. And wouldn't your body heat warm the adhesive and make it move around? I repaired the arm of my desk chair with duct tape and that's what happens just from resting my arm on it all the time.

  • cchea about 3 months ago
    that is so creative

  • cherry96932001 about 3 months ago
    not bad

  • sgonz96840 about 3 months ago
    might not be very comfortable, but looks nice

  • katrin96840 about 3 months ago
    looks nice ... but how does it feel?

  • charlottehank about 3 months ago
    SO COOL!

  • Rosie91 about 3 months ago

  • kylebuschfan about 3 months ago
    i love this!!!

  • ducttapesusie about 3 months ago
    Very nice! love the way you decorated it!

  • linda.strock.58 about 3 months ago

  • Sparklehorn26 about 3 months ago
    that"s AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!

  • cindi.hoag about 3 months ago
    very nice

  • maranda.smith.3532 about 3 months ago
    looks cool

  • purpleemma about 3 months ago
    it would be so cold... but still its cool

  • nikki123 about 3 months ago
    looks sturdy and cool

  • AmeliaDesigns about 3 months ago
    Wouldn't it be uncomfortable though? I guess only use it for decoration!

  • AmeliaDesigns about 3 months ago
    Adorable! I like it! :)

  • pillowback3lw1@aol.com about 3 months ago
    love it

  • pillowback3lw1@aol.com about 3 months ago
    love it

  • mls09121 about 3 months ago
    That is so beautiful!!!!!!!!! I will have to try it!

  • cdyonne about 3 months ago
    Great idea!

  • kellau about 3 months ago
    Awsome way to recycle old pillows

  • kellau about 3 months ago
    So cool.

  • ISLANDMACAW about 3 months ago

  • ERae about 4 months ago
    Very cool

  • soccergirl21502 about 4 months ago

  • KatzKube about 4 months ago
    Good idea. I'm grabbing my stuff and going to get started on this one!

  • beefyteefy about 4 months ago

  • kristie.jacobsen.75 about 4 months ago
    This is a neat idea!

  • parilu about 4 months ago
    Amazing what can be done with duck tape

  • casta0383 about 4 months ago
    i love it is amazing

  • bluedaisy about 4 months ago
    this pillow is a good idea. i have a few torn pillows i am going to use this on.

  • trista.ott about 4 months ago
    Amazing what you can do with duct tape! This is so pretty!

  • ajala.elmore about 4 months ago

  • PKozma about 4 months ago

  • saintsfan about 4 months ago

  • Buttercupangel about 4 months ago
    nice idea

  • nallely.segura.1481 about 4 months ago
    super cute idea

  • lexi.day.562 about 4 months ago
    ok i made one for my bedroom and it looks amazing thank you for teaching me!!

  • amative40 about 4 months ago
    glad i viewed, what a creative idea.. thanks for sharing!

  • DuctDynasty about 4 months ago
    super cool

  • gladys.rodrigueznavarro.9 about 4 months ago
    you put the cotton in

  • fonkop about 4 months ago
    this is such a cute idea great way to recycle