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Electrical plate covered with duct tape!

Ducktivity provided by Justducttapeit

Step one: unscrew your electrical plate from around the socket. Please get adult help. Step two: pick your favorite color of duct tape and cover the plate with it. Try not to use designs because that might look messy. Straight colors look best. Step three: use an xacto knife to cut out the holes for the sockets and screws. Step four: make sure there is no sticky edges on the back of the plate because you don't want it to stick to your wall. Step five: screw back into wall and enjoy your cute cover! This can also work for light switch covers.

Skill Level: 


Approximate Crafting Time: 



  • Step 1

    Cut 2 strips of duct tape that are as long as the height of your plate cover.

  • Step 2

    Cut out tiny strips to cover the sides of the plate. These should be as long as the height and length.

  • Step 3

    Use your xacto knife to cut out the holes for screws and the socket.

  • Step 4

    Screw back on wall!


  • scamper500 about 22 months ago
    How did you add directions? I can never figure that out when I submit a ducktivity.

  • Pebblestar_fandom about 26 months ago
    Well, to start off, that idea is highly dangerous. The risk of fire can be caused by messing with your outlets. Also, if something happens and your outlet melts the plastic you just let some poisonious gasses and material in your room no worries. But whoever reads this BEWARE BEFORE YOU TAPE!

  • pandangel777 about 26 months ago
    i did that to the light switch in my room with cupcake tape.

  • agsingers about 29 months ago
    love its a adorable omg its so cute

  • talented-duck about 29 months ago
    Are you trying to kill yourself? Couldn't that start a fire?

  • stickytaper about 29 months ago
    cute idea!

  • eph516 about 29 months ago
    We willy don not email yet we mail and call right thanks though

  • Justducttapeit about 29 months ago
    Okay I might give u my address..can I email it to you? Please email me back at paytonjustducttapeit@gmail.com. Thanks so much! My business sells duct tape crafts that you can personalize.

  • eph516 about 29 months ago
    You work for him what does your company do???

  • duck_zap about 29 months ago
    pretty boss

  • eph516 about 30 months ago
    We will be glad to mail you a free duct tape bookmark but please have your mailing address ready please post a comment with your mailing address thanks

  • eph516 about 30 months ago
    Please give me your mailing address or phone number thanks. May i ask what does your company do??? Thanks Eph. 5:16

  • eph516 about 30 months ago
    the person you emailed is my helper he does is make duct tape wallets and sometimes works with the emails!! Thanks and please call or mail.

  • eph516 about 30 months ago
    Thank you Payton for checking us the email you sent may have all your ??? The person you emailed is not the owner of Cincinnati's Duct tape Factory. So please either call or mail us at Cicncinnati's Duct Tape Factory 6295 Amelia Drive Cincinnati,Ohio 45241 or call (513) 755-7646 Thank You