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100 Duct Tape Hat

Ducktivity provided by ducttape4ever

A long time ago, when my aunt was over, I had 2 rolls of duct tape, and I was bored, and i still have the rolls.

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  • duckieliciousgrl12 about 50 months ago
    was there alot of ducktape left?

  • macintosh about 50 months ago
    i like that that its 100% duck dape, but its a little messy....

  • dogwalker0000 about 51 months ago
    that thing u said what does it mean

  • jetskiing20 about 51 months ago
    Honestly this hat is pretty good. But it dosent look like you shaped te bill right.Or it is knd of flabby but if i where to make one it would turn out just as yours. also good color selection.

  • houldson about 51 months ago
    how do u make it

  • pst224 about 52 months ago
    really cool but a little messy sorry

  • orangemango about 52 months ago
    It looks kind of sloppy, and why would you want to wear a hat made out of duct tape into public?

  • good charlotte about 52 months ago
    Can you put instructions? my brother wants me to make something for him with clear duck tape and well I dont think he will want a flower or a bag.

  • soccer456 about 52 months ago
    Your hat is so cool! My friend tryed to make a hat but hers did not look as good as yours!

  • soccer456 about 52 months ago
    really cool idea! my friend tryed to make one but it did'nt turn out as good as yours.

  • duckphenomenon about 52 months ago
    awsome!add directions please.

  • Kshofran about 52 months ago
    so cool

  • bigduck12 about 52 months ago
    where can i get instructions

  • livilou about 52 months ago
    Looks cool might try it

  • livilou about 52 months ago
    Looks cool I might try it.:o