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Bow Flats

Ducktivity provided by ElectricBlue413

Comfortable,fashionable electric blue(or any color) flats with a sunset tye-dye bow and trim. (sorry the site wouldn't let me add more steps)

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  • Step 1

    Get a pair of socks you won't miss and put them on. Start adding duct tape FROM THE HEEL UP. Overlap the next piece just over the rim of the last(this way it won't peel back when you walk). Do about 10 layers and do about 5 on the sides. Now do the toes tape around them a few times (and if u get this: start at the brim of the shoe below ur toes and wrap it just over the rim of the top piece of duct tape). Last, take a different color piece cut it in half and fold it along the brim. The bow is just a peice folded in half and crinkled and taped together.


  • poisonappleducTape about 20 months ago
    Cool :)

  • cornertt about 21 months ago
    i am totes going to make some!!!!!!!!!! they are so cute!!!!

  • rokiroad9 about 50 months ago
    WOW i'm sooo making thoose geuse im goin to target today!

  • straycatsrock about 51 months ago
    Before I saw this, I made those on my own, and they r totally different. Are you sure you didn't use any cardboard, or just cover flats with duck tape

  • lulu36 about 54 months ago
    cute! im jealous!

  • pielord about 54 months ago
    i made one of these too! they look really different though.:P

  • ElectricBlue_99 about 54 months ago
    Hey Girl! its (M) ur bFF! They b sweet!