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Braided Bracelets Instructions

Ducktivity provided by awesome.duck

These are easy to make braided bracelets! Yay! Instructions too! :)

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  • <3ducktape4life about 50 months ago
    how do you clasp the bracelet?? its soooo cute!! thanks!

  • cmanni99 about 51 months ago
    Cute, I love to make these too!!

  • awesome.duck about 51 months ago
    Sorry I thought I could add instructions but I guess not but here they are! 1. Cut 3 thin strips of tap(make sure they are longer than the length around your wrist because braiding makes it shorter) 2.Tape the tops of them together. 3. Braid. 4. Tape the top&bottom together & enjoy!

  • dtluvr about 54 months ago
    Next time please include instructions... >:(

  • vala77 about 54 months ago

  • laiken12345123 about 54 months ago
    how do you make these

  • cheyleigh28star about 54 months ago
    could you please add instructions i would really love to make one