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braided duck tape bracelet

Ducktivity provided by brcobb

you have to take A 12 Inc strip of duck tape and cut it in half' then take one of the half's and fold both sides into the middle and do that for the other two strips after that take all three strips and put the beginning of the braid into the clipboard and french braid it tape both ends together and there you go a braided duck tape bracelet

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  • beefyteefy about 14 months ago
    the first time i commented it mastypp

  • beefyteefy about 14 months ago
    cool but you did not show it

  • beefyteefy about 14 months ago

  • CraftyGirl3 about 14 months ago
    Do you sell these?

  • obj5007 about 14 months ago
    Love this ieda!

  • danyprint about 19 months ago
    I want 1 send me one 1920 w 7st. Lot 18. Zip 73644 elk city

  • Mackyjay about 20 months ago
    I love it

  • mykala16 about 20 months ago

  • allybob about 20 months ago
    OMG I love it can you make me one my address is 200 Huntington Drive Dickson City PA 18519 just send me a letter of how much it is or you can e mail me at palleybob@aol.com please respond I really want one!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!