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Cheerleader bows!!!

Ducktivity provided by elliebelle

These are fun and easy!First pick a solid color and get two 2 feet pieces and stick them together. Then you'll take a pattern duct tape and make it a little skinnier and put it in the middle of both sides. I made mine the width of a ruler. Then you fold it in to the breast cancer symbol. Then take he top part and bring it down to where they cross. Then squeeze it down, Take a twisty tie around that as many times as you can. Put the pony over that then take a skinny piece of your solid and wrap it

Skill Level: 


Approximate Crafting Time: 


Supplies and Tools:

  • patterned duct tape
  • solid duct tape
  • TWISTY TIE!(really important)
  • pony tail holder


  • millbird about 6 months ago
    Very cute!

  • chococat00 about 42 months ago
    i love your cheerleader bows they are very pretty