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Cute Bow

Ducktivity provided by fishy2o

so easy and fun to mke.plz comment

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  • Paiger00 about 49 months ago
    i love this bow!!!

  • Oliviamag about 56 months ago
    ya cool

  • gtcdancer27 about 56 months ago
    how do you make it??

  • fishy2o about 57 months ago
    ok here are the steps... make a fabric of 6 inches by 6 inches. now fold it by the side in half an inches. flip it over and do it again till you cant anymore. ok so what you do now is get a skinny piece of duct tape and rap it around the middle. hope it turned out good!

  • asphalt cowboy about 57 months ago
    PLZ tell me the steps PLZ

  • Wolfblade about 57 months ago
    Cool...now how do i make it!!!!!

  • Chantel.Bernacet about 57 months ago
    OMG! i love this bow. its so CUTE! Um..Do you think i can have the instructions so i can try to make one? pls and thank you