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Duct Tape Backpack

Ducktivity provided by sparkleycheese

1. Create a large sheet of duct tape ( About 1 1/2 ft. tall and about 2 ft. wide) Size does not have to be exact. Sheet - Lay the duct tape sticky side up and connect the long strips. Then cover the other side with duct tape so it creates a fabric. 2. Roll the duct tape into a very lose" O" shape and connect the ends. Make a smaller piece of "fabric" and connect it to the "O" to form the bottom surface of your backpack. (connect with staples if needed) 3. Create another "fabric" to form the closing flap to your backpack. Attach one end to the back of your backpack. Cut it to fit. All Measurements WILL vary. -Add "Velcro" to your flap and backpack so your BP can close. I used sticky industrial " Velcro" 4. Create two long strips of duct tape. (Measure according to your arms) These will be your Straps. 5. Add pockets and other accessories to make your backpack your own. -----I totally winged this project and took absolutely no measurements. It just happened to work out for me. You will have to have patience and really figure out what will work best for you. NO guarantees this will work out for YOU.

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