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Duct Tape Bow

Ducktivity provided by allybob

This duct tape bow was made out of cheetahs kisses duct tape,and x factor green.I hope you guys have fun with this project.Remember to make the bow look better have two or three different colors on the bow I think it looks more colorful that way thanks for looking comment below=)=)=)=)=)

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  • allybob about 28 months ago
    DIRECTIONS...... First you want to make a 2duct tape pieces that are 2 and a half inches stick them together then get a very thin piece.To have the accordian style fold back and forth.Pick up thin piece and put it on the bow and.Voila!!!!!!! You have your ducktape bow :):):):):):):)

  • bkiya09 about 28 months ago
    Am I doing something wrong? I saw the picture, and wanted to learn how to do it, but when I looked there were no directions. Please help. I really want to learn how to make. :(