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Duct Tape Monster IPod Touch or Phone Case

Ducktivity provided by gerbilgirl101

well its a cute little monster and you just carry it and your phone or whatever will always be there! :)

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  • Amanda5455 about 49 months ago

  • rokiroad9 about 50 months ago
    you make a bag in the shape and size of ur ipod put a strap on it and add monsta FACE!!!!!

  • ducktape90210 about 51 months ago
    it is soooooooooo awesum.....................i wanna make 1 but i scared ill mess up at like just waste my duck tape........but imma try anyways.....................btw i did say it wuz AMAZINGLY AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Fluffyduck5 about 51 months ago
    That's SOOO cute! My sister and I saw it and really want to make it. Would you please post the instructions?

  • sammia1 about 54 months ago
    so cute how do you make one!

  • squirrelybird99 about 54 months ago
    thats so cool how long did it take you to do that did you use and exto knife or sissors