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Duct Tape Woven Bracelet

Ducktivity provided by kcope93

a patriotic bracelet i made and added a clasp to it

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  • kcope93 about 55 months ago
    step 1 cut 3 10 inch strips of duct tape any color of your choosing step 2 fold the 3 strips to the desired width (i use 1/3rds and fold them twice) step 3 take a 1 in piece of tap and tape down your 3 strips so that they make an upside down v with a line down the middle /|\ like that. step 4 begin braiding while pulling very tightly. step 5 after braiding all the way down tape the ends so they wont come undone step 6 trim bracelet to desired length (note make big enough to be removed from your wrist if u do not have a clasp if u have a clasp ignore this step. step 7 take a piece of tape and connect the ends and enjoy your new duct tape bracelet if u have a clasp step 7 run a piece of duct tape through an end on both pieces of the clasp and secure it to the bracelet HOPE THIS HELPS EVERYONE AND ENJOY

  • k0k097 about 55 months ago
    This is cool!

  • k0k097 about 55 months ago
    Thats cool!

  • emlax about 55 months ago

  • LuckyDuckie9 about 55 months ago
    cool but i dont like the closure very much

  • mike soliday about 55 months ago
    nice job I honestley never thought of braiding the tape for a braclete I usualy just put tape over tape

  • H0LLiiW0OD about 55 months ago
    i love this! please tell me how u made it!!!

  • JianaBean about 55 months ago
    That is awsome......that had to take long.

  • tjandtopy about 55 months ago
    that's so cool how you put a clasp