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Hairbow, Rose, Pen and Woven Bracelet

Ducktivity provided by haileybearr:)

I've had many requests to make bracelets & bows, and this is what I've came up with. The bracelet IS woven, and it catches alot of attention. The bookmark says "love" on it, and the rosepen is cheetah and lime green.You can check out more of my crafts atwww.theducktapery.weebly.comthanks, and happy duck-taping!(:

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  • JimCarrey4 about 43 months ago
    These are soo cool! :)

  • turfgrass about 44 months ago
    i can do that

  • Creativitygirl9 about 44 months ago
    awesome and soooooo cool !

  • ducktapelover5956 about 44 months ago
    they are all sooo cute the orange cheetah and zebra go together perfectly!!!!!! im so gonna make all of them!!!!! soooooo cute!!!!!

  • Cowluver14 about 44 months ago

  • DuctTapeLlama about 45 months ago
    I know how to make everything but the bracelet. I could probably figure it out, but INSTRUCTIONS PLEASE!!! :)))