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How To Make A Duct Tape Bow

Ducktivity provided by kcap2143

These are a few of my finished duct tape bows!

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  • Step 1

    Your now finished and can wear your duct tape bow anywhere you want (:

  • Step 2

    Cut 4 strips of 3 inch duct tape.

  • Step 3

    Take 2 strips of duct tape and place them sticky side up, overlapping just a little bit. Then, take the other 2 strips and put them so that it is sticky side facing sticky side.

  • Step 4

    If there is any sticky part of the duct tape showing, cut it off.

  • Step 5

    You should now have a small sheet of duct tape. Fold it accordion style.

  • Step 6

    Cut a small strip of duct tape, about 1 inch. Then, cut is in half.

  • Step 7

    Take the small piece and wrap it around the pinched middle. It should look like a bow now.

  • Step 8

    Just slip in the bobby pin or barette right under the middle strip of duct tape. This is the back.

  • Step 9

    You will need scissors, 1 (or 2) rolls of Duck Brand duct tape, and a bobby pin/barette.


  • thatdudejames about 11 months ago
    nice job i love this projecttttttttttttt going to tell all my friendssss

  • kayla plummer about 16 months ago
    awesome just need to put pics and order your stuff right

  • cmanni99 about 50 months ago
    Cute, I love making bows! Your bows look cool!

  • linzymc17 about 54 months ago
    hey u can make this ALOT eaiser by going to youtube.com then typing in the duck brand and then it says how to make a duck tape bow, it's much easier!!!!! p.s. and cutier

  • Pollya1999 about 55 months ago
    These are really hard make it easier.

  • Digital Camo about 55 months ago
    @craftysyd this is extremely simple

  • asalgren about 57 months ago
    they r not in order

  • craftysyd about 57 months ago
    looks hard):

  • fishy2o about 57 months ago
    kind of boring

  • iloveducktape1234 about 58 months ago

  • mollylou9lovesfrogtape about 58 months ago

  • iloveducktape1234 about 58 months ago
    making a duck tape bow is so easy

  • 13karley13 about 58 months ago
    thats really cool need to make one