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Mini Bows

Ducktivity provided by kit_kat_22

these mini bows are super simple! you can make them out of scrap tape to save more tape. they are simply attached to bobby pins:) if you want instructions just let me know or if you have any other questions:)

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  • atrot17 about 50 months ago
    I learned how to make those they are sooo cool all you have to do is take a 6im peice of ducktape fold it hamburger style fold three times hot dog style then grabe a bobbie pin then wrap a small thin peice of tape around the top of the bobbie pin. atrot17:)

  • Boo about 50 months ago

  • rosebud6499 about 50 months ago
    how do u make these?

  • lollypop109 about 50 months ago
    Instructions please

  • DuckTapedGinger about 50 months ago
    instructions please these look amazing!!!

  • ducktapesensei about 50 months ago

  • ac4JESUS!!! about 50 months ago
    please put up instructions

  • DUCKEY5 about 50 months ago
    Can you PLEASE post the instructions. They are SUPER cute!!!!!

  • HORSESROCK211 about 50 months ago
    I was wondering how you took the picture of the bows I made an sumited on Ducktivity, i workd hard to get these just rite an i dont feel it was fair of you to take my picture of them an ideas an put your name on them an take the cretit for them i will be contacting the headquarters about this asap

  • HORSESROCK211 about 50 months ago
    Hey um that is my picture of mini bows and why do you have it

  • awesome.duck about 50 months ago
    Those are super cute! I just made one but it is huge and really hard to put in my hair! I will definitly try to make a smaller one like yours! Love them! :)

  • shgracie about 50 months ago
    I've made 3!

  • Smileyface123 about 50 months ago
    hey can u post the instrutions for the mini bows

  • atrot17 about 50 months ago
    Hey Kit_Kat_22 i love those bows!!!!! would you plez tell me how to make those? thank you atrot17

  • maggiebearfelch about 50 months ago
    how do you make it

  • bers_bighead about 50 months ago
    Oh my goodness these are really awesome :)I love duct tape and I absolutely LOOVE bows. Could you please tell me how to make them? It would be very much appreciated :)

  • Cowluver14 about 50 months ago
    I LOVE MAKING THESE!!! My cousin taught me!! I love how you did the cheetah on the outside and blue for the middle of the bow!!! SO COOL!!!!

  • melody storm about 51 months ago
    i need instructions plzzzz:)

  • RubberDuckiezRule about 51 months ago
    awesome, so cute! how do u make them??

  • DUCKLOVER421 about 51 months ago
    Please post instructions :^)

  • DUCKLOVER421 about 51 months ago
    Please post instructions :^)