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Mini Headband Hats!

Ducktivity provided by Tapeylovexoxo

Mini Hats! This is a simple little duck tape craft that is little and adorable! Steps~ 1~Find a small piece of cardboard and tape the ends to make it a cylinder 2~Tape all around the cardboard cylinder with a duck tape color of your choice 3~Make a square of duck tape {about the size of the top of the cylinder, and cut it into a circle to fit the to of the taped cylinder 4~Tape that on to the top of the cylinder 5~Make a larger square of duck tape and cut it into a bigger circle of tape. 6~Tape that to the bottom of the cylinder 7~Find a stretchy string that will fit to your head and tape the ends together 8~Tape the string to the bottom of the hat 9~Decorate with items of your choice! {Bows, stickers, glitter, feathers, etc.} 10~Done!:)

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