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Plaid Bow Bracelet

Ducktivity provided by xxalexisrainbowxx

I was just watching YouTube one day and I saw a girl making one of these and it inspired me to make one. (: I will show steps, if anybody wants me to! (:

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  • softballgirl9 about 49 months ago
    STEPS PLZZZ!!! teehee

  • kmdcstar about 51 months ago
    its easy make a thin strip of duck tape that wont stick to your hand then make a small ducktape bow and tape it on

  • cmanni99 about 51 months ago
    I Love this! So cute, I love the plaid tape! I would love to know how to make one!

  • breezy1105 about 52 months ago
    Please write down the steps! I would like to make one too!

  • divi.sharma about 54 months ago
    that is soo cute!

  • zebrakiss12 about 57 months ago
    Will you tell me where you get the plaid duct tape my friend blondiewhit1 wants to know. :)

  • Nikki7337 about 57 months ago
    IT SO CUTE!!!! please leave the steps! i really wanna make 1 now! (:

  • kuchykoo about 60 months ago
    thats so cute im in love with it

  • Kalirus1234567 about 61 months ago
    Cute! And I have that computer in the background, just sayin' lol

  • spactchel about 61 months ago
    please show the steps it looks cool and i want to make one.

  • swimmerchic96 about 62 months ago
    Where did u get the plaid duct tape it is soooooo cute!!! I want to buy some but Ive never seen it anywhere?!?!

  • sr1247 about 62 months ago
    email me the steps please email:ericadebacker@yahoo.com

  • spongeforgood1 about 62 months ago
    hey wheres the cheapest place for duck tape? i wanna get the plaid, leopard, zebra, tye dye, and polkadots!!!?

  • aphrodite7 about 63 months ago
    that would B a super cute friendship bracelet!! u can use other colors 2, right? im sooooooooooooo making that!

  • dudette42 about 63 months ago
    so cute! I would like to know how to make them please :)

  • soccer about 63 months ago
    Can u show me how to make it please! It's cool!

  • alina0430 about 64 months ago
    i love it! it's super cute!!!!

  • katsbabe13 about 64 months ago
    i would like the steps please

  • purpleducktapefreak about 64 months ago
    omg thats ssssooooo cute!!!! Please list the steps! Thanks!

  • duckyduct about 64 months ago
    hey! i would like you to show me the steps to make it! it looks really cutesee

  • smiley7866 about 64 months ago
    I would appreciate it if you would show the steps because id like to make one myself

  • adtv about 64 months ago
    This is so cool how do you make them

  • zoomzoomgirl100 about 64 months ago
    Please leave steps I would like to know how to make one!!!