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Rosey Zebra Ring

Ducktivity provided by dotzymc123

This is a small Zebra Rose duct taped on a duct tape band (which you make before you tape the rose on)

Skill Level: 


Approximate Crafting Time: 



  • Step 1

    Make a small rose out of any type of duct tape (steps to making rose is already published as a ductivity)

  • Step 2

    Make a small band that will fit your figure

  • Step 3

    Attach the small rose to the band with a small piece of duct tape!


  • poisonappleducTape about 18 months ago
    Cool :)

  • purpleemma about 18 months ago
    omg i love it and so does God!

  • jwargo about 19 months ago
    homemade means i can make it to fit my fat fingers. WOO! cuteness!

  • kim.rodman.9 about 19 months ago
    Will have to try this one

  • cmanni99 about 49 months ago
    I really like this!!! It's very fashionable! Nice!

  • dtluvr about 51 months ago
    These are amazing. kilij, if you are looking for a place to buy ducktape things, send me an email at jenbfmol@gmail.com and i will give u some info on my stuff. Everything is low price and really cool. give me an email.

  • kiwifruit16 about 54 months ago
    I would soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo where that EVERYWHERE!!! luuuuuuv it!!!

  • kilij about 55 months ago
    I love this i made one and am trying to sell them at school you should sell them online i would buy!!!

  • ekane about 55 months ago
    this is so cool i'm soooo making one

  • Stoudt7 about 55 months ago
    Please tell me how to make a rose with out connecting it to a straw.....?!?!?!? Thank u

  • forever97 about 55 months ago
    I LOVE IT!!!!!!!!

  • cconn1212 about 55 months ago
    This is adorable. I love the zebra duck tape.

  • MissDuckTape about 55 months ago
    how do you make one without the stick did you use your finger or something please comment back my friend wants one and today is her birthadayyyyyyy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  • jolie40 about 55 months ago
    this is brilliant!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! it was also so easy. i used cheetah print for the flower instead of zebra and it still turned out looking great!!!!!!!!!

  • duckman22 about 55 months ago
    thats relly cool i got the idea but didn't know how to make the middle good job

  • asalgren about 55 months ago
    this is really cute i want to make one

  • Kat765 about 55 months ago
    Oh my gosh!!! I love this!! I am am so making these for all my friends!!