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Spike Bracelet

Ducktivity provided by ducktapeluver9860

This bracelet will set a trend! A perfect gift, this bracelet will stick, because of a duck tape clasp! If the clasp seems to not stick, just rip the clasp off and replace it with a new strip of tape (about 2 inches)

Skill Level: 


Approximate Crafting Time: 



  • Step 1

    1. Cut a strip of tape about 2 inches long2. Place it sticky-side up at the end of the bracelet but make sure it is securely on

  • Step 2

    1. Measure your wrist using the duck tape and cut the needed amount2. Cut another strip of duck tape the same size as the other strip3. Make sure the first strip is sticky-side upPlace the second strip on top of the first one, but make sure you place it sticky-side down so the 2 strips are stuck to each other evenly

  • Step 3

    1. Cut a strip about 1.5 inches long2. Take one of the corners and fold it to the middle3. Take the corner next to that and fold it so that the 2 corners meet in the middle. There will be a small rectangular strip left at the bottom which will be sticky

  • Step 4

    1. Repeat the steps above to making the triangles2. Place them on the bracelet until the bracelet is full of triangles