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Zebra and Teal Rose Ring!

Ducktivity provided by haileybearr:)

I made this one for myself. It was really fun and super easy to make! I wear it all the time and no one believes me when I tell them it's duck tape! I sell them, and alot of other items, on my website! Check it out, theducktapery.weebly.com! Thanks, and happy duck-taping!(:

Skill Level: 


Approximate Crafting Time: 


Supplies and Tools:

  • Duck Tape (zebra&teal)
  • Creativity&Skill!


  • qwerty5656 about 46 months ago
    this is awesome! please post instructions!!!!!!!

  • funkydancer1234 about 47 months ago
    thats so pretty

  • sistersue1998 about 47 months ago
    Leave instuctions! LOVE IT!

  • ducky3232 about 48 months ago
    Can you post the directions please

  • debbietee about 48 months ago
    Can you tell me how to get the rose to flatten out at the bottom to attach to the ring? When I make them they kinda have a point at the bottom. What am I doing wrong?

  • monkeysgobananas365 about 48 months ago
    i love the design of it, but how do you make it? please tell

  • penguinsuperstar7 about 48 months ago
    Yeah you should post directions for them they are awesome!!!!!! You did a awesome job!!!!

  • Happy2Help about 48 months ago
    cute! I made on of them by myself and attached to a pen. it's really cute i think but ur selling it for 3 dollars? like, seriously?.........

  • mikimoo89 about 48 months ago
    omg please post directions??? this is so cute!!

  • tswiftfan42 about 48 months ago
    can u plz add instructions? I love it!!!!!

  • cmanni99 about 48 months ago
    Whoa! That is really pretty and cute!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Emonkey about 48 months ago
    I love it i want one so bad please post directions.

  • DebbratheZebra about 48 months ago
    That is super amazing you should definatley post directions!

  • divergirl424 about 48 months ago
    so cute ! can you please psot the directions for it?

  • tigerscheerleader about 48 months ago
    so cute!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • sinapower17 about 48 months ago
    This is AWESOME... Matches my nails too! (:

  • BesestKatie about 48 months ago
    That Looks Amazing If I could Get The Instructions That Would Be Great! :)

  • Sarsoor about 48 months ago
    Omg so cute plz post directions I luv ducktape I make flower pens,bobbiepins,vases and more!! I make roses normal flowers and sunflowers!!

  • winkk about 48 months ago
    send me the instructionss! :D

  • bubbalinda about 48 months ago
    omg thats a awesome flower!!!

  • jhakes629 about 49 months ago
    cool!! how much do u usuall sell them for and what do u use to stay arund your finger?

  • birds&ducttape about 49 months ago
    Good job!!! But wat do you wrap the petals around?!?!?

  • Also95 about 49 months ago
    can you post directions? i know how to make the rose but how do you get the middle to look like that?

  • birds&ducttape about 49 months ago
    u got a tiny hand...........BUT I LOVE THE RING!!!!!! btw wat school do ya sell at??

  • sofi33 about 49 months ago
    love it plz post diretion

  • brooke354 about 49 months ago
    how to u make them plezzzzzzz tell me:)

  • brooke354 about 49 months ago
    how do you make them ps love them to death:)

  • meep about 49 months ago
    thats so great!!! really creative and fun. dosnt even look like duct tape! im impressed. could you please post directions if you can? thanx-meep