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Zebra and Teal Rose Ring!

Ducktivity provided by haileybearr:)

I made this one for myself. It was really fun and super easy to make! I wear it all the time and no one believes me when I tell them it's duck tape! I sell them, and alot of other items, on my website! Check it out, theducktapery.weebly.com! Thanks, and happy duck-taping!(:

Skill Level: 


Approximate Crafting Time: 


Supplies and Tools:

  • Duck Tape (zebra&teal)
  • Creativity&Skill!


  • qwerty5656 about 30 months ago
    this is awesome! please post instructions!!!!!!!

  • funkydancer1234 about 30 months ago
    thats so pretty

  • sistersue1998 about 31 months ago
    Leave instuctions! LOVE IT!

  • ducky3232 about 31 months ago
    Can you post the directions please

  • debbietee about 31 months ago
    Can you tell me how to get the rose to flatten out at the bottom to attach to the ring? When I make them they kinda have a point at the bottom. What am I doing wrong?

  • monkeysgobananas365 about 31 months ago
    i love the design of it, but how do you make it? please tell

  • penguinsuperstar7 about 31 months ago
    Yeah you should post directions for them they are awesome!!!!!! You did a awesome job!!!!

  • Happy2Help about 31 months ago
    cute! I made on of them by myself and attached to a pen. it's really cute i think but ur selling it for 3 dollars? like, seriously?.........

  • mikimoo89 about 31 months ago
    omg please post directions??? this is so cute!!

  • tswiftfan42 about 32 months ago
    can u plz add instructions? I love it!!!!!

  • cmanni99 about 32 months ago
    Whoa! That is really pretty and cute!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Emonkey about 32 months ago
    I love it i want one so bad please post directions.

  • haileybearr:) about 32 months ago
    Thanks for all of the nice comments guys! I normally sell these on my website for $4.00, but the month of September 2011 they will be on sale for $3.00! They're very well-made, and I wear mine all the time! To attach it, I just made a duct tape ring and taped the rose on there, but I'm also thinking of hot gluing it... the tape holds up just fine though! @birds&ducttape- the reason the hand is so small is because it's my little sister's (she loves to model everything... even if it IS her hand, lol)! You can check them out on my website- theducktapery.weebly.com, or email me at theducktapery@gmail.com thanks, and happy duck-taping!(: Also, you can get these in any color you want when you order... they make great gifts too! (oh, and I now make them in a heart shape instead of a rose!) :{D

  • DebbratheZebra about 32 months ago
    That is super amazing you should definatley post directions!

  • divergirl424 about 32 months ago
    so cute ! can you please psot the directions for it?

  • tigerscheerleader about 32 months ago
    so cute!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • sinapower17 about 32 months ago
    This is AWESOME... Matches my nails too! (:

  • BesestKatie about 32 months ago
    That Looks Amazing If I could Get The Instructions That Would Be Great! :)

  • Sarsoor about 32 months ago
    Omg so cute plz post directions I luv ducktape I make flower pens,bobbiepins,vases and more!! I make roses normal flowers and sunflowers!!

  • winkk about 32 months ago
    send me the instructionss! :D

  • bubbalinda about 32 months ago
    omg thats a awesome flower!!!

  • jhakes629 about 32 months ago
    cool!! how much do u usuall sell them for and what do u use to stay arund your finger?

  • birds&ducttape about 32 months ago
    Good job!!! But wat do you wrap the petals around?!?!?

  • Also95 about 32 months ago
    can you post directions? i know how to make the rose but how do you get the middle to look like that?

  • birds&ducttape about 32 months ago
    u got a tiny hand...........BUT I LOVE THE RING!!!!!! btw wat school do ya sell at??

  • sofi33 about 32 months ago
    love it plz post diretion

  • brooke354 about 32 months ago
    how to u make them plezzzzzzz tell me:)

  • brooke354 about 32 months ago
    how do you make them ps love them to death:)

  • meep about 32 months ago
    thats so great!!! really creative and fun. dosnt even look like duct tape! im impressed. could you please post directions if you can? thanx-meep