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A Rounded Petal Duck Tape® Rose

Ducktivity provided by Duck® Brand

Give your roses a new look with this rounded petal Duck Tape® rose! 

Skill Level: 


Approximate Crafting Time: 


Supplies and Tools:

  • Duck Tape®
  • Scissors
  • Wire cutters
  • Craft knife
  • Ruler
  • 14g wire
  • Floral wire
  • Crafting board


  • Step 1

    Cut a 12 in. long piece of 14g wire and cover in a single piece of Duck Tape®.  

  • Step 2

    Cut a 3 in. long piece of Duck Tape®. With the sticky side facing up, fold the top a fourth of an inch down and then fold over the right corner about three fourths the way. 

  • Step 3

    Wrap the piece you made in step 2 around the top of the stem you made in step 1. 

  • Step 4

    For the petals, lay a piece of Duck Tape® that is 2.5 in. long sticky side up and place a piece of floral wire that is 1.75 in. long in the center. 

  • Step 5

    Place another 2.5 in. long piece of tape on top of the piece from step 4, leaving about a fourth of an inch of the sticky side showing at the bottom.

  • Step 6

    Using scissors, round off the top edge to finish the petal. Repeat steps 4-6 to create 20 petals total. 

  • Step 7

    Use the bottom sticky part of the petal to adhere petals around the top of the stem. 

  • Step 8

    Continue to add petals until you are happy with the fullness of the rose. 

  • Step 9

    Add Duck Tape® leaves to your stem if desired. 


  • djfields about 14 hours ago
    so pretty

  • JBailey5 about 5 days ago

  • amandad36 about 6 days ago

  • citlaly45 about 7 days ago

  • mrscox32 about 7 days ago
    hoping i I getthis done for a birthday party

  • sboothebrand1973 about 11 days ago
    so pretty!!!

  • Hedgiehog7 about 18 days ago
    This is beautiful!

  • hellokitty<3 about 21 days ago
    not even easy to make put up somthing that is eay

  • clcoffin about 22 days ago
    i am going to try this

  • amandad36 about 23 days ago

  • brenda307 about 23 days ago
    luv this

  • amelia.hines.7 about 23 days ago

  • savannah.jenkins.313 about 24 days ago
    love the rose

  • manon.dumay.716 about 24 days ago
    Very pretty

  • PKozma about 27 days ago

  • ricardo.aguirrecalzada about a month ago

  • tony.buck.167 about a month ago
    I'll have to try this when i get the funds for parts The lady i truely care for loves three different color roses and if i could hand make them i know she would love them

  • sonam about a month ago

  • sara.z about a month ago

  • ducttapegirl8 about a month ago

  • ducttapelover99!!!! about a month ago

  • kylebuschfan about a month ago
    looks so real!

  • SabAttack about 2 months ago
    I can't wait to get some floral wire so I can try to make one myself!

  • bellarachelscrafts about 2 months ago
    very pretty

  • animagus731 about 2 months ago
    very pretty

  • fanJules about 2 months ago
    I love it

  • lowecarrie about 2 months ago
    I love duck tape flowers!

  • R2 about 2 months ago

  • SuperDucky about 2 months ago
    Any ideas to replace the wire ith something else?

  • Gummy Bear123 about 2 months ago
    Cool! :D

  • mperial1 about 2 months ago
    Love it

  • Sdparsons about 2 months ago
    So simple to make but looks really hard

  • ISLANDMACAW about 2 months ago

  • katrin96840 about 2 months ago
    so pretty

  • REDSOX1985 about 2 months ago
    looks so real

  • fanJules about 2 months ago

  • mrscox32 about 2 months ago
    cant wait to try

  • sarah.potter.94214 about 2 months ago
    love it

  • jwargo about 2 months ago
    I'm gunna try this on a pen.

  • voginshlogin about 2 months ago
    love it

  • lynacy.wade about 2 months ago

  • fanJules about 2 months ago
    good idea for valentine day !

  • CaitlinMarie about 2 months ago

  • Sweetarts16 about 2 months ago
    these are gorgeous!!!!!

  • sfora71 about 2 months ago
    This one actually looks like a rose, unlike the other ones on this site.

  • angela.short.581 about 2 months ago
    So pretty

  • Specialk1989@Comcast.net about 3 months ago
    Love it!

  • DTL about 3 months ago
    I'm not sure how the other ones even look like roses with their pointy petals

  • DuckyCrafts about 3 months ago
    It's very pretty

  • sboothebrand1973 about 3 months ago
    can't wait to try mking this!!!

  • zoee.jones.167 about 3 months ago

  • smileybree about 3 months ago
    me and my friend made these, and they're beautiful! (:

  • corinne.klinetop about 3 months ago
    these make beautiful roses!! Just be careful how small you cut the petals. try to make sure they are all the same size.

  • barbara.richmond2 about 3 months ago
    Very pretty

  • Lisastam1984 about 3 months ago
    sweet thats nice

  • Panda.101 about 3 months ago

  • cn.goforth about 3 months ago

  • CraftyGirl3 about 3 months ago

  • ManicMom about 3 months ago
    So pretty :)

  • Panda.101 about 3 months ago

  • linda23guard about 3 months ago
    cute! :D

  • planeteerkelsey about 4 months ago
    I just made this as my first duck tape activity and it came out great! I used a straw as the stem and it still looks good.

  • sgorowitz96 about 4 months ago
    cute idea for valentines day

  • MoonlightOnShoulders about 4 months ago
    Very cool.

  • Lasieria about 4 months ago
    I love love LOVE it!!! It is so cute! But if you can't acquire some wire, you can use a pencil or pen instead.

  • zebrabiz. about 4 months ago
    omg i just made a camo one of those its so cute!!!!!!

  • 123kaycee about 4 months ago
    oh my gosh

  • Divadancergirl about 7 months ago
    Sooooooooo pretty!!!!!

  • tw_md_obryant about 8 months ago
    Love love love beyond words

  • baconandducttapegirl about 11 months ago
    I love it!!! I've been trying to find out how to make this rose!!! Thank you Duck Brand!!????????????????????

  • DuckTapeAholic2002 about 13 months ago
    That is so cool! That would be perfect for me to do during my car-ride to Colorado!!

  • Reesie11 about 22 months ago
    im sooo glad u ppl luv this rose i made

  • maxandruby123 about 23 months ago
    this is awesomei can't imagine myself doing that

  • rybug12 about 24 months ago
    Where/how do you wrap the first main petal around the stem?

  • djklas about 25 months ago
    ohhhh wow that is amazing once i get greeen and red tape i will try it thanks for showing me a great project -A