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Calla Lily

Ducktivity provided by lanie86

- tape a 4x6 inch pc of white duct tape. cut a point to it to shape a calla lily.- use a bar-b-que stick and cover it with green and at the tip line it with yellow. (stem)- wrap the white around the bbq stick and apply ducttape to affix to the stick.- use wire and place it in a 2x8" pc of ducttape and over lap the other side and cut into a leaf-repeat to how ever many flowers you'd like- place in a vase with rocks

Skill Level: 


Approximate Crafting Time: 


Supplies and Tools:

  • bbq stick
  • duct tape
  • wire
  • rocks
  • vase

1 comment

  • rango610 about 34 months ago
    This is so pretty. I am trying to make varieties of flowers and this calla lily will be a perfect addition. So pretty. I cannot believe how there are zero stars. This is amazing! LOVE IT!