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Duck Tape Daisy

Ducktivity provided by pst224

Well i'm used to making roses but on day i though hmmm... aha i should make a duct tape daisy and well i did :)

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  • caraleann99 about 21 months ago
    I love the daisy!

  • emithedog about 50 months ago
    I love this! Plz post instructions! I'm fine with roses... but this; wow!

  • Minimum Wagerly about 50 months ago
    Please tell us how 2 make this!!! I want make 1 4 my sister!!! Please

  • CHopPEr29 about 50 months ago
    can you please leave instuctions

  • Pixie387 about 50 months ago
    That is really pretty!!!!

  • <3ducktape4life about 50 months ago
    cool seems fun! how did u do it?? :)

  • sammywammy711 about 50 months ago
    Can you please post instructions im tired of making just roses :P