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Duct Tape Daisy

Ducktivity provided by HORSESROCK211

Daisy's are harder to make than a regular flower. But they are better than a normal flower. You can also get a vase from a dollar store and put the flower in there. :)

Skill Level: 


Approximate Crafting Time: 


Supplies and Tools:

  • Floral Wire
  • White Duct Tape
  • Scissors
  • Green Duct Tape
  • Yellow Duct Tape
  • Vase (optional)


  • AwesomeHannah about 5 months ago

  • Melittle about 43 months ago
    So cool I love it Thanks for the instructions

  • 141emma about 48 months ago
    please post how to make it its super super cool

  • kyleetwinkle about 48 months ago
    You need to put the directions on this craft

  • HORSESROCK211 about 48 months ago
    I emailed the oweners of the website and they said they are trying to fix the problem so hopfully they will fix it.

  • toenail about 48 months ago
    best ever

  • choclate_queen1234 about 48 months ago
    cool looks realistic :P

  • metheawesome about 48 months ago
    It looks so realistic. awesome :)

  • HORSESROCK211 about 48 months ago
    So apparentley it won't let me post instructions so I will get back with you on the instructions. Ttyl.

  • HORSESROCK211 about 48 months ago
    I just posted the instructions. I don't know how long it will be until they aprove of it. Thanks for any one who posted comments and ratings. :)

  • penguinsuperstar7 about 48 months ago
    ya its awesome! please leave instructions! thanks!

  • Get the Duck to it about 48 months ago
    Please please please leave instructions!!!!!!!! :3

  • Ducktapeartist about 48 months ago
    Wow, this flower is really neat! Could you please post instructions? Thank You!