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duct tape flower pen

Ducktivity provided by ciera wender

I put a strip of duct tape 9 inches long then cut them into 1 and 1/2 inches then I folded the one corner to around the middle of the piece of tape then fold the other corner so the top is a triangle and their is a piece of tape at the bottom then do a pattern of 4 petals to make a squareish shape on the pen then after doing that 6 times put some petals around in-between the spaces two times around then ta da a duct tape flower pen

Skill Level: 


Approximate Crafting Time: 


Supplies and Tools:

  • roll of duct tape
  • pen
  • craft knife
  • cutting board


  • KatzKube about 8 months ago
    Huh?? Looks amazing. I want to do it, but the explanation needs some diagrams or pictures to help it out!

  • purpleemma about 8 months ago
    It's so.... Ummm....

  • trishfirecracker1 about 8 months ago
    very cute

  • brian.haapala.3 about 9 months ago

  • mayancranston about 9 months ago

  • Godssaleswoman about 9 months ago
    This is cute, and would be great to do for the Operation Christmas Child Shoe Boxes that we have been helping with.

  • dana1211 about 9 months ago

  • taylorswift <3 <3 about 9 months ago

  • camiles about 9 months ago

  • kim.rodman.9 about 9 months ago
    ery pretty!

  • Jamie Beauchamp about 9 months ago
    What a great way to personalize your pen!

  • destiny.deisel about 9 months ago
    what a great idea

  • way2godg about 9 months ago
    I love this one especially because it is pink!

  • mlrobledo96 about 9 months ago
    i love this one

  • halle16 about 9 months ago
    I love it!!