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Flower Commission

Ducktivity provided by ainsZgolo

Someone from work commissioned me for flowers- 4 lilies, and two other kinds. I like how they came out, really. Especially the pink lily. IF YOU WOULD LIKE TO ORDER ANYTHING, check out my Weebly site!- http://www.peanuts-treasure-box.weebly.com

Skill Level: 


Approximate Crafting Time: 


Supplies and Tools:

  • Green and Island Lime tapes
  • Red and Neon Pink Duct Tape
  • Black and White Duct Tapes
  • Baroque & Yellow Duct Tape
  • Polka Dot Duct Tape
  • Pink Polka Dot Duct Tape
  • Electric & Dark Blue Duct Tape
  • Peace Sign Duct Tape
  • Beading Wire & Pens
  • Xacto/Scissors/Cutting Board


  • rose2060 about 33 months ago
    those are just beautiful!!! Can you please leave instruction

  • rango610 about 34 months ago
    This is so amazing. I really want to learn how to make these kinds of flowers. Could you post instructions on how to make lilies please. I know that we all get busy, but if you have the time please post directions. Thanks!