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Flower Decoration

Ducktivity provided by softballgirl9

An idea from a friend, I made this flower. It's sticky on the back, almost like velcro. LOTS of requests at school, so show your friends, and here is how u make it!

Skill Level: 


Approximate Crafting Time: 


Supplies and Tools:

  • Fav Duct tape
  • Fav Duct tape
  • Scissors


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  • Ducktapeartist about 39 months ago
    Awesomeness!!!!!!!! Thanks for the instructions, now I can make one of my own! These are sooooo cool!!! ~ducktapeartist

  • larah2001 about 39 months ago
    WOW- AWESOME !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11

  • crazyme123 about 39 months ago

  • sofi33 about 40 months ago
    love the flower ho do u make a flat flower

  • Ducktapegirl05 about 40 months ago
    Where are the directions?

  • saesagent about 40 months ago
    Awesome but tell how you made it i want to make one

  • softballgirl9 about 40 months ago
    okay people, so i can't figure out how 2 add instructions, but heres how ya make it: 1) First, rip a small sqaure of duct tape (any color). Then, fold both corners it, what you'd do if you were making a flower pen. 2) Now, grab something plastic - i used a crayon box - use anything u want. NO PAPER~!! it WILL rip the paper! 3) On tht plastic item, simply stick the piece down. Repeat steps 1-2, and continure to stick the "petals" down, placing them into a circle. 3) Once you get your first layer, you can use the same, or switch like i did in mine, your colors. Repeat until you get closer and closer 2 middle. 4) Finally, once u think u only have about 1-2 layers left, make your squares smaller, and continue the process. I hope ya all enjoyed! if u hve any more questions, plzzzzz leave them for me. I check this website daily. :) thnx for leaving comments! they mean a LOT to me! ~softballgirl9

  • softballgirl9 about 40 months ago
    okayyy! i will try 2 add instructions! u asked for it! :)

  • starwarsgirl about 40 months ago
    Cute I love the colors :)

  • 00ES about 40 months ago
    shoew directions tell us how 2 make it

  • SkyeTheRainbow about 40 months ago
    Oh my gosh, this is adorable! I've been wanting to make something like this ever since I started using duct tape. Instructions or a site I can refer to, maybe? Thank youuuu!(: