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Huge Duck Tape Flower

Ducktivity provided by BestDuckerEver!!!!

Just use the directions from the duck brand flower and keep making petals until it is as big.

Skill Level: 

Approximate Crafting Time: 


Supplies and Tools:

  • Scissors
  • Any color(s) of duck tape
  • Large Skewer


  • Pinkie Pie about 11 months ago
    why to big

  • Pinkie Pie about 11 months ago
    to big

  • aliceinwonderland693 about 11 months ago
    Leave a messageā€¦but i really LOVE the flower!! :)

  • aliceinwonderland693 about 11 months ago
    its a cool flower but webcam max can make objects bigger...

  • sparklingwolves3 about 11 months ago
    i want directions

  • poisonappleducTape about 11 months ago
    Nice colors :)

  • catinducktape about 12 months ago

  • purpleemma about 12 months ago

  • smartone22 about 12 months ago

  • kelby2002 about 12 months ago
    wow thats huge!!!!!!!

  • nene1111 about 12 months ago

  • Godssaleswoman about 12 months ago
    Love It!!!

  • dana1211 about 12 months ago

  • Buttterfinger about 16 months ago
    I made that 2 years ago twice as big

  • delaneymceuin about 33 months ago
    wow!!!!!! your flower is amazing i cant belive you got it that big. As you got farther out on the flower did you make bigger petals or stay the same size??? amazing amazing !!!!

  • eplovesducttape about 34 months ago
    WOW! It's so big! I can make a duct tape rose but not as good as you!