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Muilti Color Roses

Ducktivity provided by 21st century girl

its relly fun . it takes about 30 to 40 min.

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  • Duck queen 1012 about 52 months ago
    ok thers no way it takes 5 mins and these r really good mine r really different thought thers not the best though

  • dtluvr about 54 months ago
    Yeah me to, like frenchtoastducktape it takes me only like 5 mins to make a rose 3 inches across. I guess once youve been doing it for a long time it goes quicker. But these are really cute especially the chrome and purple one. :) Keep duck-taping!

  • frenchtoastducktape about 54 months ago
    for me it takes like 5min EACH!

  • deerboy2010 about 54 months ago
    Hey those are cool and i used to live in AZ

  • abbyrox about 54 months ago
    i luuuuuuuv the blue and black one it looks so cool!