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Ducktivity provided by melmerie

Took the basic rose idea and added some heat. Worked out great.

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  • karma.bites about 42 months ago
    Gosh people! Look up "make a rose" on ducktivities, make one, and stick it in the microwave for a couple of seconds! gosh, how hard is that to figure

  • birds&ducttape about 43 months ago
    WOOOOOOOW ummmm i dunno???

  • skyepie28 about 45 months ago
    1 lowest really how do make it theres no directions whatthe heck

  • livelaughrow about 45 months ago
    cute, and what do u mean when u say "heat"?

  • ducttapelover99 about 45 months ago
    that iz amazing cant wait 2 make 1 they r much eaiser than i thought

  • blondegirl about 45 months ago
    awsome coolest rose so far

  • msquare about 45 months ago
    Pretty. i want 1!:)

  • dtluvr about 45 months ago
    This is sooo cool. I also make roses and rose pens. Visit my website, www.ductabulouscreations.weebly.com

  • Beto Gonzalez about 46 months ago
    it ok

  • 8lee9 about 46 months ago
    how did you get it shiny?

  • 8lee9 about 46 months ago
    Wow how did you get it shiny

  • Duck queen 1012 about 46 months ago
    y is it lopsided?

  • Duck queen 1012 about 46 months ago
    it lop sided