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V Day Flowers

Ducktivity provided by Dr.Boo

1 Green rose3 carnations (red, pink/green/tie dye)2 Yellow pansies 1 Purple....flower1 Decorative leaf

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  • jmrox16 about 48 months ago
    the little pansies are adorbs love it!!!

  • <3ducktape4life about 50 months ago
    really pretty :) how did u make the green and yellow ones??

  • ducktapequeen34 about 51 months ago
    can you please post instructions for the green flower the purple flower and the yellow one please they are soooooooo cool

  • Liv_Luvz_Duct_Tape about 51 months ago
    ya?!?! can you plz post instructions on the green rose????

  • Dancequeen33 about 51 months ago
    how do u make the Green Rose??

  • Emily and Liz about 54 months ago
    That's something I would want to send my mom for Mother's day!! It looks awesome!!

  • juswakiforduckbrand about 55 months ago
    Awesome! These are Beautiful! They never Die and look pretty all the time. Keep Up the Great Creations!

  • sgtmorris909 about 56 months ago
    WoW, that looks GREAT!!!

  • kiwifruit16 about 56 months ago