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Cool Christmas Wreath

Ducktivity provided by knitter951

1. Cut you pool Noodle leaving 2/3 of the noodle left. 2. Put half of your cylinder in one end of the noodle and the other half in the other end. 3. Cut squares out of duck tape and fold two of the corners in to make a house as if you were going to 3. make a duck tape rose 4. Start placing them around the ring all facing one direction until you have the wreath you want . 5 Make a hanger by taking a 2 in. piece of ribbon folding it and taping it to the back of the wreath. Tips: Make a bow by taking to normal duck tape bows placing the opposite ways and taping them down. Use super flexible bendy straws and make a smaller ornament wreath!

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  • 123kaycee about 21 months ago

  • purpleemma about 21 months ago
    U used a swimming noodle?! cool...

  • starrgirl9 about 21 months ago

  • agsingers about 28 months ago
    looks so cool but like omg how did they make that:)

  • Kiwi awesome about 28 months ago
    looks totaly i MUST try it