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Decorative Bow

Ducktivity provided by alexia_star4

This is a decorative bow for topping gifts. the instructions given will end up with a bow approximately 7.5 in. wide.

Skill Level: 


Approximate Crafting Time: 


Supplies and Tools:

  • duck tape
  • scissors
  • staples (optional)


  • Step 1

    cut 4 strips of tape 15 in. long. its easier to do one strip at a time.

  • Step 2

    cut a small slit approx 1/4 in. on 1 end of each strip in the middle of the short side.

  • Step 3

    take the piece and fold in half longways. do not stick together the parts of tapewhere the slit is. (see picture) this is important because this is how you will hold together your loop.

  • Step 4

    form a loop with the tape

  • Step 5

  • Step 6

    at this point you should have 4 loops approx 7.5 in long. cut 4 strips approx 8.5 in long and repeat steps 2-4. which should leave you with 4 loops approx 4 in long. you will need 1 strip 3.5 in long which will also be looped in the same manner as above.

  • Step 7

    arrange your largest loops and staple together. arrange your middle sized loops and staple those together. then staple both stacks to each other. if you are having trouble stapling the two stacks you can use a small sticky side out loop to attach the two stacks. the tape method for attaching each piece is not recommended because the middle will end up looking bulky. finally take the smallest loop and use it to cover the staples by attaching it to the top with a sticky side out loop. you now have a beautiful bow!


  • amytremmel about 3 days ago
    Looks easy enough. Thanks for sharing!

  • pahhistings about 4 days ago

  • soni about 9 months ago

  • samic about 30 months ago
    love it.it looks easier than i thought

  • ducktape5 about 36 months ago
    i really love it so cool

  • danannbis about 38 months ago
    I like it, even though it looks easy, it looks really good!!! Nice job! :-)

  • cassilovesducttape about 38 months ago