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Triangle Christmas Tree

Ducktivity provided by ttaylor

I had the Ah Ha moment yesterday before decorating the office for Christmas. There was a mini tree decorating contest which I thought...hey, let's make a duct tape tree! I immediately got to work on the idea in my head. It's the first entry in the work christmas tree decorating contest!

Skill Level: 


Approximate Crafting Time: 


Supplies and Tools:

  • Yellow duck tape
  • shades of green duck tape
  • styrofoam cone
  • mini flower pot


  • jennifer.hegerich about 4 months ago
    Love it

  • flappy about 9 months ago
    christmas time is here

  • gwsoccer about 45 months ago
    I love your tree. I LOVE duct tape and that would be the perfect thing for my bedroom. Where do you get a styrofoam cone by chance. Also, a place for a cheap little flower pot. Take into consideration I am only 12 and don't get alowance and the only reason I have money is Christmas.

  • duckybrand<3 about 45 months ago
    That is awesome! How did u do it? :O

  • ttaylor about 45 months ago
    Thanks all for your comments...I'll do a how to, quickly....inside is a styrofoam cone covered in duck tape. Fold 2.5 in squares into triangles (2 fold similar to flower petals) I used 3 different shades of green for the triangle "branches". Then cover the cone with the triangles. I pasted little gems as ornaments/lights & put it all on top of a mini flower pot. The star was yellow duck tape, 2 pieces, just cut a star shape out of both & put them together on top. It's hard to say how long it took since I did it while at work between phone calls & actual work....Also note to hmjohnson30, that's not glow in the dark tape, that's just the flash picture...I am looking for them to come out with some glow in the dark tape...that would be awesome! I'm so excited about my little tree, I see now that it made the website in addition to winning the contest at work! WOO HOOO YEAH ME!!!! :)

  • Juliaromie about 45 months ago
    Wow!!!!!!! I'm trying to figure out how to make duct tape tree, it isn't working well, but yours defenetly is! How in the world of duckt tape do u make one?????????????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?!?!?!?!?!

  • nejeda about 45 months ago
    That is cool! I am going to try and make a bigger one!

  • hmjohnson30 about 45 months ago
    That is so awesome especially the glow in the dark duck tape****

  • KJDucttape about 45 months ago
    That is a very good idea! I love it. Keep it up!

  • maryadelaide about 45 months ago
    I tried it and it worked but took a few hours. =[